Good Governance & Advocacy

Good Governance & Advocacy

ALDEF  has maintained a long-standing commitment to improve good governance and strengthen devolution and will spare no effort to enhance citizenry accountability of the institutions of governance. 

Accountability is still a major stumbling block to effective service delivery and upholding of citizen’s rights in all the Counties ALDEF Kenya is working. With good governance and an accountable government, the citizens will not only enjoy but also maximize their democratic rights and celebrate the benefits of devolution.


Commitments of the organization include but are not limited to rooting for democracy, strengthening the capacity of governments for transparency and accountability in the use of public resources, improving citizens’ ability to hold the government to account; improving citizens’ participation in good governance and reducing corruption in both the public and private sectors. Additionally, ALDEF Kenya has a commitment to promoting the rule of law, and human rights including the rights of women, girls, and the most vulnerable members of society.


Further, ALDEF Kenya seeks to enhance sustainability for the gains made beyond project or programme life by supporting advocacy and development of systemic structures that promote perpetuity backed by research, experiences, lessons learned, and mainstreaming best practices.


At all times, ALDEF Kenya will promote and champion ecological, social and economic justice; mainstreaming cross-cutting issues and especially on gender and integration; environmental conservation and community resilience