Arid Lands Development Focus (ALDEF)

Institutional Systems
and Capacity


We are dedicated to enhancing the capacities of local institutions and organizations to deliver high-quality, comprehensive, and sustainable services. Our Institutional Systems and Capacity Strengthening pillar focuses on building robust institutional frameworks, improving governance structures, and providing training and resources to empower local entities. By strengthening these systems, we aim to ensure long-term sustainability and effectiveness in addressing the needs of marginalized communities.

What We Do

Capacity Building: We provide comprehensive training programs to enhance the skills and capabilities of local institutions, community-based organizations, and governance structures. This includes training on project management, financial management, and organizational development.

Governance Improvement: We work with local institutions to improve their governance structures, ensuring transparency, accountability, and efficient service delivery. This includes developing policies, procedures, and frameworks that promote good governance.

Resource Provision: We equip local organizations with the necessary tools and resources to implement and sustain their programs effectively. This includes providing technical assistance, funding, and material support.

Our Approach

Tailored Training Programs: We design and implement training programs that are tailored to the specific needs and contexts of the institutions and organizations we support. This ensures relevance and effectiveness in capacity building.

Collaborative Partnerships: We work in close collaboration with local and international partners to leverage resources, share best practices, and enhance the impact of our capacity-strengthening initiatives.

Continuous Support: We provide ongoing support and mentorship to local institutions to ensure they can apply the skills and knowledge gained from our training programs effectively.

Success Stories

Strengthening Local Governance in Wajir County: ALDEF’s capacity-building initiatives have significantly improved the governance structures of local institutions in Wajir County. This has led to more efficient service delivery and increased community trust in local governance.

Empowering Community-Based Organizations: Through targeted training and resource provision, ALDEF has empowered numerous community-based organizations to implement sustainable development projects. These organizations are now better equipped to address the needs of their communities effectively.

Improved Project Management: ALDEF’s training programs on project management have enhanced the ability of local institutions to plan, execute, and monitor their projects efficiently. This has resulted in more impactful and sustainable outcomes for the communities they serve.