Arid Lands Development Focus (ALDEF)

Humanitarian Emergency Response


This pillar is dedicated to providing immediate and effective relief to communities affected by natural and human-made disasters. Our goal is to alleviate suffering, protect lives, and restore dignity to those impacted by crises. We achieve this through a variety of interventions, including food distribution, cash transfers, and the provision of essential non-food items (NFIs).

What We Do

Food Distribution: We ensure that affected communities receive essential food supplies to meet their nutritional needs during emergencies. For instance, during the Lisha Jamii Phase 2 project in Wajir County, ALDEF distributed food commodities to 22,927 households to alleviate hunger and prevent starvation.

Cash Transfers: Our cash transfer programs provide families with the financial means to purchase necessary items and services, promoting local market recovery and economic stability. The ECHO cash transfer program, for example, significantly improved food security and revitalized local markets in Wajir County.

Non-Food Items (NFIs): We distribute essential non-food items such as shelter materials, hygiene kits, water storage tanks, and sanitation facilities to support daily living needs. During the floods emergency response in Tana River, ALDEF provided NFIs to 320 households, improving their access to clean water and sanitation.

Our Approach

Rapid Response: We deploy quickly to disaster-stricken areas, ensuring that aid reaches those in need without delay. Our rapid response to the Tana River floods included the installation of water tanks, construction of latrines, and distribution of hygiene materials.

Community Involvement: We engage with local communities to assess their needs and tailor our response efforts accordingly. This includes holding coordination meetings with local authorities and community leaders to ensure effective targeting and delivery of aid.

Coordination with Partners: We collaborate with local and international organizations, government agencies, and other stakeholders to maximize the impact of our interventions. For example, our partnership with OXFAM and the Asal Humanitarian Network (AHN) has been instrumental in executing emergency response projects.

Success Stories

Drought Relief in Wajir County: Our intervention during the severe drought provided life-saving food and cash assistance to over 10,000 households, significantly reducing malnutrition rates and supporting community resilience.

Flood Response in Tana River: In partnership with OXFAM, our flood response efforts delivered clean water, temporary shelters, and essential non-food items to thousands of displaced families, helping them rebuild their lives.