Arid Lands Development Focus (ALDEF)

Building Resilience


We are committed to enhancing the resilience of communities in northern Kenya against environmental, economic, and social shocks. Our Building Resilience pillar focuses on promoting sustainable practices and empowering communities to adapt to and recover from various challenges. Through targeted interventions in climate change adaptation, sustainable agriculture, and disaster risk reduction, we aim to build stronger, more resilient communities.

What We Do

Climate Change Adaptation: We support communities in implementing adaptive practices to mitigate the impacts of climate change. This includes promoting water conservation techniques, introducing drought-resistant crops, and advocating for climate-resilient infrastructure.

Sustainable Agriculture: We provide training and resources to improve agricultural productivity sustainably. Our programs focus on enhancing soil fertility, efficient water use, and pest management, ensuring food security for vulnerable populations.

Disaster Risk Reduction: We help communities prepare for and respond to disasters through early warning systems, emergency preparedness training, and risk reduction strategies. This proactive approach minimizes the adverse effects of disasters and accelerates recovery.

Our Approach

Community Engagement: We actively involve local communities in the planning and implementation of resilience-building activities. This participatory approach ensures that interventions are contextually appropriate and widely accepted.

Capacity Building: We strengthen the capacities of local institutions and community groups to lead resilience-building initiatives. This includes training on disaster preparedness, sustainable agricultural practices, and climate adaptation strategies.

Partnerships: We collaborate with government agencies, international organizations, and local partners to leverage resources and expertise. These partnerships enhance the effectiveness and reach of our resilience-building efforts.

Success Stories

Drought Resilience in Wajir County: Through the Lisha Jamii Phase 2 project, ALDEF improved food security and nutrition for thousands of households by distributing drought-resistant seeds and providing training on sustainable farming practices.

Flood Preparedness in Tana River: In response to recurring floods, ALDEF implemented early warning systems and constructed flood-resistant infrastructure. These measures have significantly reduced the impact of floods on local communities, protecting lives and livelihoods.