Arid Lands Development Focus (ALDEF)


Empowering Communities, Transforming Lives



Arid Lands Development Focus (ALDEF) was founded in 1989 in response to the pressing needs of marginalized communities in the arid and semi-arid regions of northern Kenya. The organization was established with the vision of empowering these communities to overcome the unique challenges they face, including limited access to education, healthcare, and sustainable livelihoods.

In its early years, ALDEF focused on emergency relief efforts, providing food, water, and medical assistance to communities affected by droughts and other natural disasters. Recognizing the need for long-term solutions, ALDEF gradually expanded its programs to include initiatives aimed at building resilience and promoting sustainable development.

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, ALDEF developed a comprehensive approach to community development, integrating education, health, food security, environmental conservation, and governance into its programs. The organization forged partnerships with local and international stakeholders, enhancing its capacity to deliver impactful and sustainable interventions.

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In recent years, ALDEF has continued to evolve, addressing emerging challenges such as climate change and its effects on the communities it serves. The organization has implemented innovative programs to promote climate resilience, food security, and economic empowerment, particularly focusing on women and youth.

Today, ALDEF remains committed to its founding principles of service, empowerment, and sustainable development. With a dedicated team and a strong network of partners, ALDEF continues to work towards a future where marginalized communities in northern Kenya can live dignified and prosperous lives.

our dream and reason for existence

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission drive our commitment to empowering marginalized communities and fostering sustainable development in northern Kenya. Our vision encapsulates our aspiration for a future where pastoralists and other vulnerable groups live dignified lives, free from the constraints of poverty and marginalization.

Guided by this vision, our mission focuses on enhancing the quality of life for these communities by strengthening their capacities, removing barriers to opportunities, and creating supportive environments. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to inspire hope, build resilience, and promote inclusive growth, ensuring that every individual has the chance to reach their full potential.

Our Vision

Empowered pastoralists and other marginalized communities living dignified lives.

Our Mission

To enhance the dignity and quality of life for marginalized communities by strengthening their capacities, eliminating barriers to opportunities, and creating an enabling environment for them to reach their full potential.

What matters to us

Our Core Values

Our core values are the foundation of everything we do. These values guide our actions, shape our programs, and reflect our commitment to the communities we serve. They ensure that we maintain the highest standards of integrity, inclusivity, and excellence in our efforts to empower marginalized populations and promote sustainable development.

Through our unwavering dedication to professionalism, respect for diversity, people-centered approaches, equity, and volunteerism, we strive to create a positive and lasting impact on the lives of those we support.


Maintaining the highest standards in community development, relief, and emergency operations.

Respect for Diversity

Promoting recognition and respect for diverse cultures and communities.


Engaging communities in identifying and crafting solutions for their needs.


Ensuring equitable access to opportunities and resources.


 Committing to a spirit of volunteerism in helping others.