Arid Lands Development Focus (ALDEF)

SIF – ALDEF Post Distribution Monitoring Report [ Eid UL Adha Project ] Wajir Aug-Sep 2017

Drought situation in Wajir County is currently classified as stressed (phase 2) but some parts are classified as Crisis (phase3). Majority of the household have minimal adequate food consumption and are unable to afford some essential food commodities. The areas that are classified as crisis (phase 3) include: parts of pastoral all species in Wajir West Sub County and pastoral cattle in Wajir South Sub County. These areas are the most affected parts of the County which experienced depressed rainfall in the current and previous seasons that led to poor pasture, browse and water, However due to the migration to other thought better off sub-counties and overcrowding of livestock and people the little available has been depleted fast.

In partnership with ALDEF, SIF and Karama Charity supported a Food voucher one off Ramadan assistance to 1070 households in 16 per urban villages within Wajir town in June-July 2017 and slaughter of 636 goats and sheep. This is follow on SIF funded one month Eid ul Adha sacrifice project Aug-Sept 2017. The projects had to sets of criteria to select beneficiaries;

The purpose of this monitoring activity was to look at the process of eid ul Adha project, targeting, destocking, slaughtering and use delivery mechanism, and other key issues experienced by the beneficiaries. The post-distribution monitoring process administered tools to collect data on household demographics, targeting, destocking and Eid ul Adha meat slaughtering, distribution and uses of meat and cash revived by pastoralist who sold livestock, complain mechanism, satisfaction levels with the project; i.e. 280 household questionnaires, focus Group discussion with beneficiaries at 3 villages (20% of the villages), 3 Key Informant interviews (will elders, traders, veterinary and public departments).